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Licorice Extract Price

  • Natural Flax Seed Extract,Lignans,SDG,FlaxSeed Lignans

    Contact NowNatural Flax Seed Extract,Lignans,SDG,FlaxSeed LignansFlaxseed Lignans is an anti-oxidant phytochemical present in flax. It is a precursor of mammal lignans and a phytoestrogen. SDG has estrogenic and antioxidant activities. It also has antiestrogenic, anticarcinogenic, antiatherogenic and antidiabetic activities. In addition, it has the function of reducing hypercholesterolemic atherosclerosis oxidative stress and lowering serum levels of cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol and raising serum levels of high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol.Read More

  • High Quality Lupin Extract,Lupeol,Fagarasterol,Lupeol Powder

    Contact NowHigh Quality Lupin Extract,Lupeol,Fagarasterol,Lupeol PowderLupeol is a pharmacologically active triterpenoid, It is found in a variety of plants, including mango and acacia visco. It is also found in dandelion coffee.The products is extract by crataeva nurvala. It has several medicinal properties, one being anti-inflammatory and It also can decrease swelling.Read More

  • Natural Cycloastragenol,Astragalus root Extract,Astragaloside,Astragalus Extract Powder

    Contact NowNatural Cycloastragenol,Astragalus root Extract,Astragaloside,Astragalus Extract PowderCycloastragenol is a saponin found in or derived from Astragalus/Astragalus membranaceus.It contains RevGenetics natural small molecule Telomerase activator. The Cycloastragenol ingredient was tested by UCLA and was called TAT2 in their telomerase study.Read More

  • Natural Turmeric Root Extract ,Curcumin,Curcuminoids,Curcumin Powder

    Contact NowNatural Turmeric Root Extract ,Curcumin,Curcuminoids,Curcumin PowderCurcumin (Curcuma longa) Araceae in the roots of certain plants in the extraction of a chemical component, wherein the turmeric containing about 3% to 6%, the plant kingdom scarce has two ketone pigment, as of two ketones compounds. Curcumin as the orange yellow crystalline powder, slightly bitter taste. Insoluble in water. In food production mainly used in sausage products, canned food, sauce halogen products products such as coloring. Medical studies have shown that curcuminhas the functions of reducing blood fat, resisting tumor, anti-inflammatory and cholagogic and antioxidant effects.Read More

  • Natural Green Tea Extract,Green Tea Extract Polyphenols,Catechin,EGCG

    Contact NowNatural Green Tea Extract,Green Tea Extract Polyphenols,Catechin,EGCGGreen tea extracts have been used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine for a variety of uses.A green tea extract is a herbal derivative from green tea leaves (Camellia sinensis). Containing antioxidant ingredients – mainly green tea catechins (GTC) – green tea and its derivatives are sometimes used as dietary supplements and in alternative medicine.Read More

  • Natural Olive Leaf Extract,Olive Extract Powder,Olive Extract ,Oleuropein

    Contact NowNatural Olive Leaf Extract,Olive Extract Powder,Olive Extract ,OleuropeinOlive leaf is the leaf of the olive tree (Olea europaea). While olive oil is well known for its flavor and health benefits, the leaf has been used medicinally in various times and places. Natural olive leaf extracts (OLE), are now marketed as antiaging, immunostimulators, and even antibiotics. Clinical evidence has proven the blood pressure lowering effects of carefully extracted Olive Leaf Extracts. Scientific test show Olive leaf extract have an antioxidant capacity almost double green tea extract and 400% higher than Vitamin C.Read More

  • Natural Rosemary Leaf Extract,Salvia Extract,CARNOSOL,Sage Extract,Ursolic Acid

    Contact NowNatural Rosemary Leaf Extract,Salvia Extract,CARNOSOL,Sage Extract,Ursolic AcidUrsolic acid is a kind of natural triterpenoids,which has the activity of sedating,anti-inflammatory,antibacterial,resistance to diabetes,fight ulcer,antitumor,reducing blood fat,enhancing immune.Ursolic acid also has the funcion of obvious antioxidant,so it is widely used as medicine,cosmetics raw materials and food emulsifier.Read More

  • Natural Pumpkin Powder,Pumpkin Seed Extract,Pumpkin Seed Powder,Pumpkin Protein Powder

    Contact NowNatural Pumpkin Powder,Pumpkin Seed Extract,Pumpkin Seed Powder,Pumpkin Protein PowderPumpkin powder are one of nature’s almost perfect foods. They are a natural source of beneficial constituents such as carbohydrates, amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids. They contain most of the B vitamins, along with C,D,E, and K. They also have the minerals calcium, potassium, and phosphorous. Pumpkin prostate and bladder problems, but they have also been known to help with depression and learning disabilities.Read More

  • Natural Stinging Nettle Extract,Stinging nettle Powder,Nettle Beta sitosterol,Nettle Extract Silica

    Contact NowNatural Stinging Nettle Extract,Stinging nettle Powder,Nettle Beta sitosterol,Nettle Extract SilicaStinging nettle (Urtica dioica and the closely related Urtica urens) has a long medicinal history. In medieval Europe, it was used as a diuretic (to rid the body of excess water) and to treat joint pain. Stinging nettle has fine hairs on the leaves and stems that contain irritating chemicals that are released when the plant comes in contact with the skin. While the hairs, or spines, of the stinging nettle are normally very painful to the touch.Read More

  • Natural Hemp Seed Extract,Hemp seed extract Powder,Hemp seed Powder,Fructus Cannabis Extract

    Contact NowNatural Hemp Seed Extract,Hemp seed extract Powder,Hemp seed Powder,Fructus Cannabis ExtractFructus Cannabis Sweet in flavour, neutral in nature, it acts on spleen, stomach and large intestine channels. The herb is sweet, neutral and moist, rich in oil, effective for moistening and loosening bowels to relieve constipation and treating deficiency and nourishing Yin. It is suitable for patients of old age, protracted disease and postpartum, and constipation caused by deficiency of Yin and blood.Read More