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  • Natural L-theanine,Theanine,Green Tea Extract,Suntheanine,L-theanine Powder

    Contact NowNatural L-theanine,Theanine,Green Tea Extract,Suntheanine,L-theanine PowderL-Theanine is derived from tea leaves. Tea is native to eastern Asia and is a member of the Theaceae family. This evergreen shrub or tree grows to over 9 m in height and is pruned from 60 cm to 1.5 m for cultivation. Its dark green, serrated-edged leaves are alternate and oval, while its white and fragrant blossoms appear singly or in clusters.Read More

  • Natural Raspberry Extract,Raspberry Ketone,Raspberry Ketone Powder

    Contact NowNatural Raspberry Extract,Raspberry Ketone,Raspberry Ketone PowderRaspberry Ketone is a product that uses a natural ingredient found in raspberries. It is a recent discovery from the raspberry that is already known for its many antioxidant properties, and Raspberry Ketone is proving to be a source of keen interest for many people in the fitness and weight loss world.Read More

  • Natural Gardenia Green,Gardenia Green Pigment,Gardenia Green Color,Green Gardenia,Gardenia Powder

    Contact NowNatural Gardenia Green,Gardenia Green Pigment,Gardenia Green Color,Green Gardenia,Gardenia PowderGardenia green a kind of natural edible pigment which extracted from dried gardenia fruit.Its main components are crocin and cricetin.The powder color from primrose to scarlet is soluble in water, but insoluble in oil and absolute alcohol.The environment PH value has little influence on its hue. At PH 2.0-6.0, it becomes a little unstable; at PH 7.0 or above, it is stable.And, it can be used in the coloring of wine, carbonic acid drinks, juice drink, jam, jelly, candy, cakes, ice-cream, pastry.Read More

  • Natural Turmeric Root Extract ,Curcumin,Curcuminoids,Curcumin Powder

    Contact NowNatural Turmeric Root Extract ,Curcumin,Curcuminoids,Curcumin PowderCurcumin (Curcuma longa) Araceae in the roots of certain plants in the extraction of a chemical component, wherein the turmeric containing about 3% to 6%, the plant kingdom scarce has two ketone pigment, as of two ketones compounds. Curcumin as the orange yellow crystalline powder, slightly bitter taste. Insoluble in water. In food production mainly used in sausage products, canned food, sauce halogen products products such as coloring. Medical studies have shown that curcuminhas the functions of reducing blood fat, resisting tumor, anti-inflammatory and cholagogic and antioxidant effects.Read More

  • Natural Cycloastragenol,Astragalus root Extract,Astragaloside,Astragalus Extract Powder

    Contact NowNatural Cycloastragenol,Astragalus root Extract,Astragaloside,Astragalus Extract PowderCycloastragenol is a saponin found in or derived from Astragalus/Astragalus membranaceus.It contains RevGenetics natural small molecule Telomerase activator. The Cycloastragenol ingredient was tested by UCLA and was called TAT2 in their telomerase study.Read More

  • Pure Centella asiatica Extract,Gotu Kola Extract,Asiaticoside,Madecassoside Powder

    Contact NowPure Centella asiatica Extract,Gotu Kola Extract,Asiaticoside,Madecassoside PowderGotu Kola Extract is regarded as one of the most spiritual and rejuvenating herbs in Ayurveda and is used to improve meditation. Gotu kola has been widely used for a number of conditions, particularly in traditional Eastern health care. In Ayurveda Gotu kola is one of the chief herbs for revitalizing the nerves and brain cells. It is said to fortify the immune system, both cleansing and feeding it, and to strengthen the adrenals.Read More