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Does Rosemary Extract Can Used Into Cosmetics And Skincare Area?
Mar 18, 2017


Rosemary is a kind of shrub, which native to European . For it is very natural , no toxic , no harm to our body , and very usefull in all kinds of area in our daily life . So in south of china many chinese farmer widly plant it in the moutains and farm.

Rosemary extract have 3 active ingredients , they are rosemary acid , ursolic acid and carnosic acid .  They are widely used in food and feed area as natural preservetive and antioxidant additive.  Many people drink the dried leaves as herbal tea .

So of course ,for it is have the funcation of anti-oxidant and antibiotics , so rosemary acid and ursolic acid is widely used in cosmetics and skincare area. And many investigated has show it is no harm and no side effect to our body and skin . Dont worry to use it in the costmetics and skincare area .

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